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A complete vision

A complete stitching improvement package for all stitching operations, designed to improve productivity and quality.

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Powerful state-of-the-art software

VisionStitch is unique real-time monitoring software. A solution that is easy to use on the factory floor and, combined with the included comprehensive stitching training, improves all stitching operations in footwear, leather-goods and apparel. 


Designed to improve all
stitching operations


Our expertise in leather and footwear make VisionStitch what it is today. Improve your efficiency in complex footwear stitching patterns using the VisionStitch solution and our team of industry experts. 

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VisionStitch is highly adaptable and has been used to great effect in many industries where stitching is required. Our team will train you how to improve your productivity, efficiency and quality of your stitching across many different products. 

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Increase your productivity and efficiency

VisionStitch provides insights that will allow your team to maximise the way they use your machines, identifying the most efficient methods and techniques. Standardising processes also allows for faster and more effective training. Speak to one of our experts to find out more.

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Here to help

Have a question about VisionStitch?  Frequently asked questions from our customers may help solve your query. If not, you can get in touch with one of our experts using our online form. 

Who can use VisionStitch?

Any manufacturer that uses machine stitching can benefit from VisionStitch’s unique combination of software and manufacturing training. Current users include footwear, clothing, furniture, bag, belt and parachute manufacturers. Any stitching can be recorded and analysed with VisionStitch.

Do you need to have a computer on every sewing machine?

No. VisionStitch is installed on a computer which is moved between individual sewing machines. The computer is mounted on a trolley allowing it to be easily wheeled around the factory. Small factories often buy just one VisionStitch, while larger factories may buy several.

Who needs to be trained to use the system?

We recommend that the factory assembles a small team for the training. Suggested people for the team include a stitching instructor, a mechanic, a time study/costing engineer, a supervisor and a quality inspector. We teach the team to understand stitching, so they can make improvements themselves. These are the important people who will make the system work.

Can VisionStitch fit onto any sewing machine?

The system is designed to be universal and to fit quickly and easily on any machine. It can be installed on all types of machine — from flat to post — and works with any motor, including the old clutch type and the latest electronic motors. The latest release of the VisionStitch system can also record Automatic/computer stitching machines.

I am interested in VisionStitch, what is the next step?

If you are interested in VisionStitch, we can arrange for a demonstration. Our consultant will visit your factory and demonstrate how SATRA VisionStitch works and what kind of benefits can be achieved with your machines and type of production. Fill our online enquiry form to get in touch.

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