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Improve cutting efficiency

SATRASumm is the industry standard package for managing the efficient cutting of leather and synthetic materials. It is designed to save you money and reduce material waste.

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If you reduce waste, you help the environment — which is good in itself, good for your reputation and your relationships with customers. From material delivery to cutting analysis, the SATRASumm workflow is a very simple process irrespective of whether you cut leather or synthetics.

The full SATRASumm package consists of our innovative three-stage process of leather grading training, SATRASumm software and leather cutter training.

We offer an alternative package, which includes the SATRASumm software, aimed at costing offices and those who only cut synthetic materials.

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Synthetic layplans

SATRASumm’s newest innovative feature is the ability to automatically create accurate synthetic layplans. Synthetic layplanning in SATRASumm gives you the most efficient layplan possible, automatically, and with no input from the user other than the simple rules you decide to use.

Orange SATRASumm logo fades into a dark orange brown and black background.

Leather grading

Included in SATRASumm is our comprehensive training in the SATRA five-point grading system, a unique method which has evolved through continuous development of our leather assessment techniques.

Our experts will inspect your working environment to ensure it is suitable, teach you about area discrepancies and show you how to record the data in a standard form using the paperwork specifications provided.

Tailored to your company's (or brand's) quality standards you will be able to fully exploit SATRASumms's strengths by providing accurate material information. 

Included with our full SATRASumm package, or as a standalone package, you can find out more about what benefits this package gives you. 

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Leather cutting

We begin by assessing the current abilities of your cutters, to find out where improvements can be made, so that we can tailor our training to your specific needs.

Our cutting experts will prove the SATRASumm leather allowances calculated by the software, and teach your cutters how to achieve them.

Using a hands-on approach, we teach the properties of leather, and the various methods of saving leather, while training your cutters to think ahead. They are shown the importance of savings and quality, and we explain the principles of good cutting practice.

By involving the quality control personnel, we reduce disputes, as they learn the proper approach to working with leather defects alongside the cutters.

Our experts will also check everything — from the cutting equipment to the lighting. Poor quality equipment leads to poor quality components.

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Bespoke software

SATRASumm software controls, predicts and monitors all aspects of material usage. It is suitable for both leather and synthetic materials.

The software is made exclusively for members and enables you to accurately estimate material usage costs for all footwear styles. 


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See the benefits 

Our SATRASumm feasibility study is designed to show you that what we say is true before you commit to the SATRASumm package. Our experts will spend time onsite at your business and using your key styles and materials we will demonstrate how our solution can generate accurate allowances and costings. 

Speak to an expert today to find out more about our feasibility study.


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Exclusively for SATRA members

SATRAsumm software is made available exclusively to our footwear members alongside our world renowned expertise. 

Here to help

Have a question about SATRASumm?  Frequently asked questions from our customers may help solve your query. If not, you can get in touch with one of our experts using our online form. 

Who can use SATRASumm?

All leather and synthetic goods manufacturers can use SATRASumm. Current users include footwear, bag, belt and accessory manufacturers.

How do I get my pattern information into the system?

Pattern files can be entered either via a digitising tablet (which can be purchased from SATRA) or a file generated from a CAD system. SATRA supports most commonly available CAD systems.

Can we have extra Leather Grading and Cutter Training at a later date?

Yes, you can always purchase additional training to suit your needs.

Can the system tell us how long the job will take to cut?

Yes. If you have purchased the optional Cutting Times module, SATRASumm will tell you how much time a job should take.

How will I learn about the software and the features it offers?

We provide comprehensive training in all aspects of the SATRASumm system.

How many users can be logged into the system at any one time?

SATRASumm can be scaled to allow as many simultaneous users as you need. You choose this, based on your requirements and budget, prior to installation. If you require more users in the future then this can be arranged at additional cost.

Will SATRA set the quality standards during the Cutter Training?

We will not impose any standards upon you. We will always work to the company’s, or brand’s, own quality standards.

Can I try out the solution before i buy?

At a small cost we can provide a feasibility study on your site. This will demonstrate the system and show how we can create accurate allowances, costs, lay plans and cutting tickets for your key styles. Once you are convinced that SATRASumm will save you money, if you invest in the system, the cost of the feasibility study is deducted from the price of your SATRASumm order.

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