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Test Equipment

Our in-house design and manufacturing facility produces the test equipment used in our own laboratories, and those of our customers around the world. We supply a wide range of equipment – from simple manual devices, to highly complex computer-controlled machines.

a test machine rubs a test specimen in a circular motion against an abrasive pad

Test machines and attachments

All SATRA test machines benefit from SATRA technical expertise from start to finish and are trialled first in SATRA laboratories. This gives you a supply chain advantage, as the SATRA name is recognised, respected and valued around the world.


A back shoe is being walked by the SATRA predation on a wooden test flooring.

Test equipment consumables

The consumables used in testing can greatly affect the results. Ensuring reliable, accurate and repeatable testing relies on many factors, not least the quality of any reference materials or consumables associated with the test method.

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SATRA quality consumables documents sit on a counter in front of test equipment.

Aligned with SATRA test methods

We provide a complete support service for the full range of SATRA test methods by supplying all of the equipment and consumables required to test to those methods.

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SATRA test method example with a diagram of movement and force to be applied.

Bespoke test equipment

Because we have developed much of our test equipment range from the initial concept, particular machines can often be adapted to meet your specific requirements if required. The design of completely bespoke test equipment is also possible.

A yellow foot last is attached to slip test equipment in front of  a black background.
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