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We test a variety of products, components and materials, primarily for the footwear, floor coverings, furniture, leather and PPE markets.

close up of a darmstadt abrasion machine, used to test the abrasion resistance of motorcyclists' PPE against a concrete surface at high speed

Product testing

We test finished, market-ready products from a variety of industries. The primary industries are listed below, but whatever you produce, there's a good chance we'll be able to test it.

Image of a modern training shoe hovering in a white space

With over 100 years of experience in the field, we are the world’s foremost footwear testing and research institution. We don’t just test to the standards, we set the standards.

a sample of carpet in a radiant heat test machine with controlled gas flames behind
Floor coverings

Our floor coverings facility offers a wide range of testing including resistance to slip, chemicals and artificial light as well as flammability and light reflectance testing.

Image of a comfortable modern leather chair in a minimalist grey room setting that includes a dark wooden table and industrial-style floor lamp

Our furniture testing facility is an international centre of excellence for testing, training and innovation for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

Abstract image of several sheets of brightly coloured leather

As a leading authority on legislation, chemical compliance and testing of leather and leather products, we are able to help leather producers meet customers’ specifications.

Stock image of a young woman in high visibility PPE and helmet using a tablet in an industrial warehouse setting.
Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Our PPE testing and certification services help you ensure your personal protective equipment is fit for purpose and conforms to standard.

Test methods

Test methods and standards are the key to ensuring that products are tested in a meaningful and repeatable manner.

We have been providing the footwear industry with test methods for over 100 years, and we are continuously producing new methods.

To see all test methods please download the SATRA Test Method Catalogue, or contact the Test Methods team for more information on specific tests and methods.

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SATRA test method example with a diagram of movement and force to be applied.

Commission a test

Need your product or material testing? Whether you know the standard that you want to meet, or you just want advice on fitness-for-purpose testing, we can help.

We test to national, European and international standards for footwear, furniture, PPE and materials as well as providing bespoke or tailored testing to your own specifications.

the seat of a dining chair being subjected to repeated pounding from above by a test machine
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