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Innovation and Research

Our knowledge and research help companies across the world to bring innovative footwear products to market, quickly and efficiently. Research has been at the heart of SATRA for over 100 years.

A translucent green skeletal foot is being 3D printed. The foot shows is illuminated against a black background.

Our Innovative services

See how our range of expertise could benefit you and help improve and enhance your products.

two 3d printed feet. One is skeletal, the other is the size and shape of a normal foot, but the translucent foot reveals a 3d printed skeleton beneath
3D printing

Our 3D printers are capable of printing functional and robust machine parts, components and prototype models as well as complex structures such as our prosthetic fitting aids.

young professionals gathered around a table in discussion

Businesses looking for professional advice and tailored research will benefit from collaboration with our research team through our direct consultancy service.

a technician uses a hand-held 3D scanned to scan a shoemaking last
Digital last assessment

Our digital last assessment service is a fast, simple way of measuring, analysing and forecasting fit for 3D CAD last files. We can also provide CAD and 3D modelling facilities.

close up image of a sole unit having come away from a boot due to some kind of adhesion failure
Fault diagnosis

Failures in footwear are at best annoying and at worst dangerous. Our experts can identify the causes of faults and advise on how to resolve them.

A technician shines a UV torch inside a shoe to reveal where liquid has penetrated the upper
Product development

Our prototyping and testing services can help you develop new products by identifying and resolving any issues early in the development process.

A person stands with their right foot inside a large box which is 3D scanning the foot

In addition to high-resolution handheld 3D scanning facilities, we also have several digital foot-scanners, used to gather the data for our Global Foot Dimensions survey.

The SATRA Pedatron

The SATRA Pedatron is a lifelike walking simulator, used as the basis of several dynamic whole shoe durability tests. Realistic in-shoe and upper wear is ensured using advanced prosthetic feet, and optional interchangeable flooring surfaces.

We offer bespoke testing for our footwear and flooring customers, that truly reflects the intended use of the product, all supported by accurate data and even in-shoe pressure mapping during the test. For a true test of the durability of footwear, our ‘heavy load’ programme applies greatly increased forces for aggressive wear.

A black leather shoe is held aloft connected to the SATRA pedatron.

Multi-climate testing

Our large walk-in climate chamber is the ideal environment in which to put your product to the test. The chamber can maintain temperatures from -40°C up to 50°C with controllable levels of humidity, so allows us to simulate a range of climatic conditions, from arctic to tropical. This unique testing environment can be used for assessing the effectiveness of a wide range of products.

The head and shoulders of a mannequin are covered in a red jacket and ski goggles. Frost and ice show on the clothing due to climate testing.

Pressure mapping

Comfort is a subjective quality, but it can be quantified. We have been using in-shoe pressure-mapping to record data for many years. These sensors provide irrefutable data and clear graphics that can be used to support marketing claims. The mobile version can provide data from a variety of situations and environments.

For the seating and bedding industries, we also provide pressure-mapping assessments that cover larger areas such as mattresses.

A black and white x-ray image of a lower leg and foot bones show a raised heel and pressure markings from the footprint.

Fitting aids

Based on real-world foot dimensions, our fitting aids contain a simplified skeletal structure within a soft flesh-like material. Consequently, important anatomical features such as joints and toe length can be felt when inserted into footwear. Unlike human models, these feet never change, are always available and can be used in multiple locations. They are available in a range of standard sizes, or can be designed to suit the intended market.

A mans hand holds a white translucent skeletal foot against a dark background in a walking motion.

Do you have something a little unusual that needs testing or verifying?

If you are developing a novel product or material and need testing that doesn’t quite fall within the remit of any existing standards or guidelines, contact our Innovation team to discuss bespoke testing or any technical aspects of your product’s performance.

An inventor in a hat, goggles and lab coat flies on rocket books against the London skyline background
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