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Leather grading training

As well as providing comprehensive training in our unique five-point grading system, our experts inspect your working environment to ensure it is suitable, and teach you about area discrepancies.

A yellow pencil and Perspex measuring square grid sit on top of a sheet of leather.

SATRA’s five-point grading system

Our unique five-point grading system is based on continuous development of our leather assessment techniques and is the industry standard for ensuring realistic and consistent grading results. As well as providing comprehensive training in this method, we can assess the suitability of your working environment and provide guidance about area discrepancies and how to record data in a standard form.

male hands stretch a piece of brown leather

Right for your company

Our training is specifically tailored to your company’s (or brand’s) own quality standards. Following the training, you will be able to fully exploit SATRASumm’s strengths by providing the software with accurate material information, leading to accurate allowances.

The main benefits

SATRA’s ‘one language’ approach will ensure realistic and consistent grades. It will improve understanding and communication between you and the tanneries, since agreed quality standards can now be defined and measured. Disputes about leather quality with the tanneries and cutters will be reduced, and monitoring of leather usability will be simplified.

Supplied with the training are a leather assessment manual, which includes standard forms, and measuring grids and standard acrylic shapes for use in grading.

abstract image of rolls of black leather
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