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Accessible online 24/7, Footwear Foundations is a comprehensive E-learning course covering many aspects of shoemaking. It consists of twelve modules, featuring interactive quizzes, animations and videos, each covering a specific aspect of footwear development, production and quality assurance.

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Who will benefit from this course?

Footwear Foundations is an online course that has been developed to benefit both manufacturing and non-shoemaking personnel and provides a broad technical appreciation of footwear from concept through to delivery and consumer end use.

Learn at your own pace

Each module has been designed to enable you to learn in your own style and at your own pace. While reviewing the text, there is an optional audio voiceover, and a glossary of terms that can be accessed at any point within a module. Successful completion of the full course leads to the award of the SATRA Footwear Foundations Certificate.

The default course language is English, but a Chinese version is also available.

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