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Footwear fit

It takes skill and understanding to carry out a proper fit assessment in an objective way. Our fitting training equips learners with these skills, and helps them to feel confident in carrying out such an assessment.

Image of a person's feet wearing a pair of casual shoes being professionally fitted in a laboratory environment

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone involved in product development and footwear retailing should have a sound understanding of the foot itself and the fitting properties of different types of footwear.

several participants in a fitting training course measure the feet of other attendees

Course content

Our training delivers thorough, effective and practical instruction, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The basics of foot anatomy and gait are explained with participants practicing how to measure feet and gain experience in the practical methodology of fit assessment.

The course is interactive and you are welcome to bring specific examples of the products that you work with day to day to discuss. The aim of our training is to ensure everyone works to high defined standards.

You will gain confidence in conducting a thorough fit assessment and in how to interpret your findings. This will lead to more accurate and consistent footwear fitting and size marking, helping to maximise footwear sales and build brand loyalty in your customers.

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