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Basic shoemaking step-by-step

This two-day course is an introduction to the shoemaking process. It is especially suited to those who are new to the industry and want a broad grounding in the topic. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and learn face to face with SATRA experts.

a modern trainer overlaid with floating captions pointing to various footwear components

Who will benefit from this course?

The Basic Shoemaking course is designed to suit both manufacturers and non-shoemaking personnel serving in the industry, and is intended to give a broad appreciation of the manufacturing sector. This will typically include shoemakers, leather tanners, material suppliers and buyers, as well as sales and administrative staff.

What to expect

Using actual shoemaking materials, examples of product types, printed handouts and videos, our footwear consultants explain and discuss each subject, covering key footwear materials such as leather, synthetic and textile uppers, sole materials and reinforcing components such toe puffs and stiffeners, as well as discussing finishing and inspection of finished footwear. The course also includes a tour of our test laboratory.

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