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leather industry

As a leading authority on legislation, chemical compliance and testing of leather and leather products, we are able to help leather producers meet customers’ specifications.

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Our leather expertise

Our experience and expertise in the technical aspects of leather can be traced back to our origins in 1919 when the organisation was formed to serve the footwear sector and whose predominant material at the time was leather.

Over the years, we have built up considerable knowledge on the production and use of leather in various product sectors worldwide including footwear, leathergoods and furniture.

Leather grading

We were the first company to create a leather grading system accepted by Chinese tanneries and Western international brands. We called it ‘leather one language’ and it is still used today alongside our leather cutting and production efficiency systems that save manufacturers millions of dollars each year.

Testing at SATRA

Our laboratories can undertake a comprehensive range of physical testing on leather material and whole products made from leather, including chemical analysis to European and US standards.

Cutting-edge research

Our research team constantly works with SATRA member companies to help develop the next generation of leather products that are better performing, more comfortable and safer for the user.

Leathergoods expertise

Testing ensures that leather and leathergoods are safe to use and fit for purpose. It can prove that goods conform to retail performance specifications, meet product liability and environmental legislation. We offer a comprehensive testing service including: colour fastness to water, perspiration, rubbing and light; tear and abrasion resistance; chemical analysis and general trouble shooting.

Reduce waste to increase sustainability

There is an ongoing challenge to use leather in a sustainable, cost-effective way. We can work alongside you and your customers to ensure that the leather that you have created is graded and cut effectively to reduce waste and improve the quality of the end product.

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Intensive leather course

Leather is a sustainable and versatile material with several applications within shoemaking and other industries. This intensive two-day training course is aimed at manufacturers, sourcing companies and retailers of all types of footwear, leathergoods, gloves, garments, accessories and upholstery. It is ideal for newly appointed, as well as more experienced, technologists, designers and buyers.

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Leather grading training

Our unique five-point grading system is based on continuous development of our leather assessment techniques and is the industry standard for ensuring realistic and consistent grading results. As well as providing comprehensive training in this method, we can assess the suitability of your working environment and provide guidance about area discrepancies and how to record data in a standard form. Our training is specifically tailored to your company’s (or brand’s) own quality standards.

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Other SATRA services

We also offer the following services that might be of interest to you.

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Become a member

SATRA membership is designed for companies who want exclusive access to our extensive range of technical products and services focused on your business needs.

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Chemical compliance

Our laboratories are fully equipped for bespoke chemical analysis of your products, as well as testing for properties such as permeation, the presence of restricted substances or compliance with legislation.

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SATRA academy

Our expertise covers subjects including footwear, PPE, furniture and chemical compliance. Our experts share their knowledge in regular webinars, seminars and roadshows on key industry subjects.

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