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An international centre of excellence

Our furniture testing facility is an international centre of excellence for testing, training and innovation for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

a modern chair, table and lamp against a stark grey concrete wall and wooden floor

Testing furniture to the relevant standards

As well as testing to national, European and international standards, our ISO 17025 accredited furniture testing facility can also test to manufacturers and retailers’ own specifications.

We also offer bespoke testing where products are subjected to increased cycles and higher forces to simulate heavy usage. More demanding performance criteria help to ensure products exceed being fit for purpose.

several chairs in a row being tested by machines in a large laboratory

A comprehensive range of testing

See our furniture testing range below. If you would like to know more, get in touch and see how we can help. 

close-up of the roller of a mattress tester during a test
Beds and mattresses

We have extensive scope and a wealth of knowledge in mattress and bed testing to ensure they meet the necessary strength and structural performance standards. This includes EN 1957 and EN 1725. We also conduct flammability testing of mattresses in accordance with BS 7177.

the corner of a table being hit from the side by a machine during testing
Contract furniture

Contract furniture includes items supplied to non-domestic and public access buildings such as offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, nightclubs and concert halls. Contract furniture is tested to a greater number of cycles and higher forces than domestic furniture.

seat foam samples ablaze in a flammability chamber
Domestic furniture

The design and constructional requirements of domestic furniture are often overlooked by users. Furniture manufacturers, however, must consider these issues and the performance and fitness for purpose standards in force, for the product’s intended market.

a modern infant classroom with brightly coloured plastic chairs
Educational furniture

We provide testing services and advice for customers who need to assess children’s chairs, tables and storage furniture to the relevant standards to demonstrate the items are safe for use.

close up of water droplets on the printed surface of a piece of worktop
Kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms require moisture resistant materials that need to be carefully selected and tested. Our range of climatic chambers can provide humidity controls from 35% Relative Humidity (RH) to 85% RH and temperature controls from -40° to +80°C.

a coffee mug is lifted from a wooden surface to reveal a circular wet mark
Materials and components

We can conduct early testing of materials and components to prevent costly errors during production. This can include key performance criteria such as resistance to scratching, knocks, heat and liquids, or evaluation of colour fastness, flexing, abrasion and soiling resistance for leather and textile upholstery.

a technician checks the size of a wire mesh bunk bed base with a conical instrument
Nursery and children’s

Furniture for children needs to be safe beyond its intended use. It is essential that designers and manufacturers understand current regulations and standards to ensure their products are safe for entrapment, biting, climbing and other game play.

outdoor image of a wide range of patio furniture on a wooden deck
Outdoor furniture

It is essential that suppliers and retailers of outdoor furniture ensure that their products are durable, but also offer safety for the end user, whether it is for the camping market, the domestic market, or the contract market.

the seat of a dining chair is subjected to force from above by a test machine in a lab

We test a variety of seating products, including domestic, contract, office furniture and educational. We assess strength and durability, as well as the safety of the product to determine whether products are fit for purpose.

Surface finish testing

There are many types of furniture finishes, but whatever form they take, they must be functional, fit for purpose, durable and attractive. We use British and European standards that contain relevant procedures and criteria for evaluating finishes. The requirements and specifications for furniture finishes can be used to determine if the finish is durable enough for the chosen application (such as in offices, hotels, kitchens, dining rooms or bedrooms), and can then be regarded as fit for purpose.

a surface finish testing machine rubs a table top to test its resistance to damage

Flammability testing

Flammability of furniture is a major issue especially in the UK domestic market where all upholstered furniture must meet the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire)(Safety) Regulations. Upholstered furniture for use in contract situations can also be tested to specifications, including BS 7176, BS 5852 and IMO FTP Code (as part of SOLAS). We have our own flammability chambers and have capability for whole item testing.

seating foam is tested for flammability by having a lit wooden crib placed on it

Other SATRA services

SATRA also offer the following services that might be of interest to you.

Close-up image of a hand wearing blue rubber gloves removing a small vial of clear liquid from an analysing machine
Chemical compliance

Our laboratories are fully equipped for bespoke chemical analysis of your products, as well as testing for properties such as permeation, the presence of restricted substances or compliance with legislation.

Image of the back of a course participant in a lecture hall with an out-of-focus teacher in front of a projector screen in the background
SATRA academy

Our expertise covers subjects including footwear, PPE, furniture and chemical compliance. Our experts share their knowledge in regular webinars, seminars and roadshows on key industry subjects.

Joining SATRA gives your customers confidence

Businesses in the furniture and floor coverings sector can now become SATRA members, giving you access to a range of benefits, such as technical support from our team of industry experts, specialist training, seminars and events, as well as testing discounts.

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