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Safety footwear testing

SATRA can test safety footwear against national, European and international standards and as a Notified Body can certify safety footwear for the CE Mark.

a rack of newly manufactured safety boots awaiting finishing in a shoe factory

Fit for purpose

Safety footwear comes in a variety of forms for protection in numerous different work environments. Whatever the design, all safety footwear must meet the requirements of EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346 or EN ISO 20347 and be CE marked for sale in Europe, or UKCA marked for the UK.

SATRA conducts all of the tests required for EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346 and EN ISO 20347, from toecap compression, to penetration tests. We also carry out more specific testing such as flammability testing for foundry boots and rigidity tests for motorcycle boots.

Chemical testing

As well as protecting against physical risks, safety footwear also needs to satisfy certain requirements for chemical safety. Innocuousness testing is essential to satisfy the health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation. SATRA can help with specialised testing to ensure that restricted substances listed in REACH are not present in the footwear.

Chemical testing is not just limited to Innocuousness, we can also test to the requirements of EN 13832-2 and EN 13832-3 to ensure that if your footwear is used in environments where contact with chemicals is likely, the wearer is protected.

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Developing better products

While numerous tests are required by legislation, we also offer various tests and assessments developed to put safety footwear through its paces.

These include tests for breathability, thermal rating and durability, as well as bespoke testing to help ensure that your product is fit for purpose and meets your customers’ requirements.

A back shoe is being walked by the SATRA predation on a wooden test flooring.
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