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With over 100 years of experience in the field, we are the world’s foremost footwear testing and research institution. We don’t just test to the standards, we set the standards.

Side profile of a black trainer with a white sole. Textured black and white laces in the air against a clear background.

Specialist testing

We carry out specialist footwear testing, using facilities such as our climate chamber to simulate hot or cold environments, and our water resistance testing machines to dynamically test footwear in conditions of water immersion.

We simulate long-duration wear trial durability testing using our Pedatron in combination with heated moisture conditioning from our Endofoot.

Materials can be assessed with repeated compression to see how they perform, and components such as electronics can be tested for durability and cyclic performance.

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close up image of bubbles rising past a walking boot immersed in water in a water resistance testing machine

General testing

We carry out footwear testing to SATRA test methods which are internationally recognised throughout the footwear industry. We can also test to many other standards including British Standards, ASTM and EN standards.

If the specifications for your product are set by the retailer or the brand, we’ll put together a package of appropriate testing to help you meet them. We can also help you write and set your own product specifications to ensure that your footwear meets your expectations and those of your customers.

Need a copy of a standard, or want to find out how our methods are developed? Our Test Methods team will be happy to help you.

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Safety footwear testing

We conduct all of the tests required for CE and UKCA marking safety footwear as well as more specialist testing.

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a rack of newly manufactured safety boots awaiting finishing in a shoe factory

Fitting and comfort

Comfortable footwear generates brand loyalty and encourages repeat sales. Although comfort is subjective and dependent on a range of factors, our services can quantify the comfort of products and assess how specific materials and constructions enhance comfort.

Footwear comfort
Woman sits on park bench and has taken off bright pink high heel shoe, Hand rubs her heel due to discomfort.

Other footwear-related services

As well as providing world-class footwear research and testing, we also design and manufacture test equipment, and provide a variety of services and resources relevant to the industry.

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Footwear consultancy

Our Footwear team use their expertise and decades of experience to provide unmatched consultancy and problem solving for our members.

Image of a 3d printer printing a prosthetic foot that contains a bone structure inside a softer gel foot shape
Innovation and research

Our knowledge and research help companies across the world to bring innovative products to market, quickly and efficiently.

Close up image of a marker attached to one of the moving heads of a Martindale abrasion machine. The pen is creating a lissajous pattern to show the movement of the head.
Laboratory accreditation

The SATRA Laboratory Accreditation programme is internationally recognised as an assurance of quality management throughout the footwear and leather products supply chain.

Close up of the SATRA Martindale test machine
Test equipment

Our in-house design and manufacturing facility produces the test equipment used in our own laboratories, and those of our customers. From simple manual devices, to complex computer-controlled machines.

Product specifications

Standards set minimum acceptable levels for the performance of a certain product or material, but retailers and suppliers often have their own requirements and want to establish their own specifications.

We can help, with either writing or reviewing product specifications, recommending performance levels, or compiling a list of appropriate test methods and standards to help ensure that your product meets your needs and your customers’ expectations.

White hand drawing of a shoe against a deep blue background. blank text boxes point to specific areas of the shoe.

Other SATRA services

We also offer the following services that might be of interest to you.

Close-up image of a hand wearing blue rubber gloves removing a small vial of clear liquid from an analysing machine
Chemical compliance

Our laboratories are fully equipped for bespoke chemical analysis of your products, as well as testing for properties such as permeation, the presence of restricted substances or compliance with legislation.

Image of the back of a course participant in a lecture hall with an out-of-focus teacher in front of a projector screen in the background
SATRA academy

Our expertise covers subjects including footwear, PPE, furniture and chemical compliance. Our experts share their knowledge in regular webinars, seminars and roadshows on key industry subjects.

Software solutions

Our software solutions help you understand your manufacturing time and material costs, enabling you to make improvements increasing efficiency and optimising environments and processes.

  • SATRASumm

    Manage the efficient cutting of materials both synthetic and organic, reduce waste and free up your profits.

  • SATRA TimeLine logo

    Keep production flowing at a lower cost, optimise your facilities, and get the best from your people.

  • SATRA VisionStitch logo

    A complete stitching improvement package for all stitching operations, designed to improve productivity and quality.

Joining SATRA gives your customers confidence

SATRA is a highly recognised and respected brand in footwear supply chains around the world. Membership gives you access to benefits including technical support from our team of industry experts, specialist training, exclusive seminars and events, and discounts on our products.

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