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Floor coverings testing

Our floor coverings facility offers a wide range of testing including resistance to slip, chemicals and artificial light as well as flammability and light reflectance testing.

Carpet sample being exposed to radiant heat from a gas burner as part of a flammability test

Our floor coverings scope

We provide UKCA certification for the Construction Products Regulation, test to a variety of UK, European and International standards and are an Approved Body to assist with UKCA mark certification.

SATRA’s ISO 17025 accredited floor coverings testing facility offers a wide range of testing including resistance to slip, chemicals and artificial light as well as flammability and light reflectance testing.

Our floor coverings test range

Our comprehensive range of tests will ensure your products meet the highest standards. Get in touch to speak to an expert about a specific requirement or to find our more.

carpet being tested for resistance to snagging
Carpet testing

We test carpets, rugs and matting for a variety of domestic and contract applications including on-stair use. Specific testing for carpets at SATRA includes Vettermann Drum, Hexapod Tumbler, Lisson Tretrad, castor chair test and static electricity testing.

a sample of carpet catches fire when exposed to radiant heat in a laboratory test

Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), manufacturers must test floor coverings for ‘reaction to fire’. This testing includes the radiant panel test and a direct small flame impingement test.

close up of a sample of floor tile being abraded while spinning on a test machine
Resilient flooring

We test a wide variety of resilient floors, both for suitability and level of use determinations. Tests are in accordance with a range of product specification standards, including EN ISO 10582, EN 13845, EN 13553, EN 651, EN 16511.

The pendulum skid test striking a flooring surface
Slip resistance

Floor safety management is obligatory in health and safety regulations and an integral part of sound business practice. We offer a comprehensive suite of in-situ and laboratory-based UKAS accredited tests, alongside pendulum and SATRA Pedatron testing.

Pedatron testing

The SATRA STM 528 Pedatron provides accelerated wear simulation under realistic conditions and can be used as an effective means of assessing the wear characteristics of floor coverings.

It is applicable to many flooring surfaces and also flooring hardware such as stair nosings. We can also assess the long-term effects of wear on the slip resistance of a floor covering, by undertaking pendulum tests in accordance with EN 16165 Annex C on a specific area of the specimen after subjecting it to a number of footfalls (normally every 250,000) using the Pedatron.

A black leather shoe is held aloft connected to the SATRA pedatron.

Other SATRA services

We also offer the following services that might be of interest to you.

Close-up image of a hand wearing blue rubber gloves removing a small vial of clear liquid from an analysing machine
Chemical compliance

Our laboratories are fully equipped for bespoke chemical analysis of your products, as well as testing for properties such as permeation, the presence of restricted substances or compliance with legislation.

Image of the back of a course participant in a lecture hall with an out-of-focus teacher in front of a projector screen in the background
SATRA academy

Our expertise covers subjects including footwear, PPE, furniture and chemical compliance. Our experts share their knowledge in regular webinars, seminars and roadshows on key industry subjects.

Joining SATRA gives your customers confidence

Floor coverings businesses joining SATRA will have access to consultation and advice we provide over and above standard testing, technical support from our experienced team of industry experts, access to specialist training, seminars and events, and discounted testing.

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