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We are an independent testing and research organisation. We accredit laboratories, design, manufacture and install test equipment, and provide production efficiency solutions to customers around the world.

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Authorised to test and certify to several global standards

CE logo
Notified Body for assessment and certification for CE marking
CPSC logo
CPSC accredited third-party independent assessment laboratory
REACH compliance logo
Facilities for testing for restricted substances in accordance with UK and European Reach.
UKCA certification logo
Approved Body for UKCA marking PPE and floor coverings
UKAS accredited ISO 17025 laboratory

Our mission

The application of science

Our philosophy is that products can be safer, more durable and perform better through the application of research and innovation in collaboration with business.

We test products from a range of industries, including footwear, PPE, furniture, floor coverings and many more. Our vision is that wherever you are in the world, you will find products enhanced by SATRA technical expertise.

A back shoe is being walked by the SATRA predation on a wooden test flooring.

An authority on footwear

We have become a leading technical authority for footwear and leather through performing pioneering research and testing for more than a century. Companies from these industries can gain exclusive access to test methods, accreditation, consultancy, research facilities and training by becoming SATRA members.

Brown leather shoes, belt and bag are placed on a black leather seat with diamond sewing patterns.

Joining SATRA gives your customers confidence

SATRA membership is designed for companies in many industries including footwear, leather, furniture and PPE.

We are recognised and respected in supply chains around the world. Being a member of SATRA is seen as a positive sign that your company is committed to developing the quality, safety and performance of its products and services.

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Working at SATRA

A career at SATRA offers the opportunity to learn new things, to truly work as part of a team, and to enhance the consumer experience through applying our values to everything that we do.

Working at SATRA
two scientists in a lab. One is looking into a microscope.